Resistance and Power Bands for Exercise

Apus Sports Resistance Bands and Power Bands are products made for specific exercises which are divided into two groups as their name indicates. Our Resistance Bands have ergonomic handles which easily help strengthen chosen muscle groups simply by pulling on the tubing. Apus Sports Resistance Bands are as follows: Basic Resistance Band, Step-Strap Resistance Band, Foot-Strap Resistance Band. The differences between each band are the added elements, enhancing exercise specific training. Apus Sports Basic Band is made of tubing and two hand-held grips. Our Step-Strap is made of tubing with two hand-held grips and may be used during balance-step exercises. Our Foot-Strap is made of tubing which has two separate foot straps and two hand-held grips, making it a multi-purpose training accessory. Apus Sports also has Power and Mini Bands, each size uniquely designed per exercise need. This fitness accessory is compact in size. These Power and Mini Bands may be used in several kinds of trainings, have varying levels of resistance and have easy-to-recognize color-coded tubing. Using these bands in trainings is an excellent exercise alternative; they may be used for performing multi-joint exercises, plyometric training, isometric training and includes stretching. These different types of bands are needed in gyms, especially in functional training areas, whereas they may be incorporated during an at-home work-out session or for rehabilitation purposes. The size of the accessories allows for easy access and use in all areas.

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