Racks for gyms

The organization of a gym and/or a fitness club is not only about the interior design, taking into account the optimal use of  available space should be priority. Using an assortment of Apus Sports Racks for equipment optimizes each specified work-out area. We have designs that suit: kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, fit bags, dumbbells, barbells, pre-loaded weights, Olympic Mercury weights and multi-functional racks with individual settings. Apus Sports racks may be used for several different types of equipment, for example a rack that fitbags and medicine balls can be stored together or medicine balls and slam balls. We do offer a specialized rack for chrome dumbbells or polyurethane dumbbells from 1-10 kg, and specially designed „Space Bar Rack“ . Apus Sports Racks esthetically enable and ensure maximizing the space of each location, as well as  provide safety for the athletes using our accessories.

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