There are many types of exercise mats which are used for a variety of activities and come in different lengths; Apus Sports’ Exercise Mats come in a long and short version. The long exercise mats are very light weight, designed with an anti-slip surface and may be used for stretching, Pilates and yoga. The short exercise mats also have an anti-slip surface and they maintain their original shape. The structure of the surface guarantees perfect adhesion to the floor, therefore they do not move and may be used in dynamic training. In addition, the compressed polystyrene absorbs moisture. The mats are an excellent size for training in group activities. Both types of exercise mats are very handy to store in a gym or a fitness club using Apus Sports Multi-Purpose Racks. The exercise mats do not take up a large amount of space yet they are a core element when furbishing a gym and/or fitness club.

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