Dumbbells are crucial when outfitting any gym, they will work out the upper body and help melt away any extra weight. In Apus Sports’ offer you will find: Pre-loaded Polyurethane Dumbbells and Barbells, Chrome and Vinyl-coated Dumbbells in small weights and a Hexagonal-shaped Dumbbell. The high quality of the materials used and the design guarantees comfort and esthetic value of our equipment. The use of the equipment previously mentioned is basically the same, yet there are some differences. Pre-loaded polyurethane dumbbells and barbells are extremely durable, they do not break nor does the shape deform. Another advantage of these products made with polyurethane is the fact that it does not give off odors which is, characteristic of rubber products. Apus Sports’ Polyurethane Dumbbells are all meticulously made based on research, therefore the ergonomic design, size, look and color-coded weight labelling maximize athletes’ preferences.
Apus Sports Chrome Dumbbell is a classic in modern form, made of excellent materials and is esthetically pleasing to the eye. The Hexagonal Dumbbell was named after its characteristic form. This particular shape is great while training because it does not roll when set down, making it a multi-functional piece of equipment. Our Vinyl Dumbbell is a specific product designed for fitness and aerobics classes, which is quite popular among women. Apus Sports’ Vinyl Dumbbells are ergonomically designed with a textured structure that ensures a good grip which is needed during group training and/or for quick repetitive exercises.

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