Quality of tomorrow


Exceptional equipment just for you

The unique design of equipment from Apus Sports and the highest quality materials designate a new quality in the fitness industry. High standards of workmanship and attention to detail ensure that these items will make a great complement at fitness clubs and will be appreciated by their members.



Both the design and technology of Apus Sports products are original and patented. Among the modern materials used in the accessories, there is e.g. polyurethane, which is increasingly replacing rubber in Apus Sports products, as the former is more durable. The odourless material gives more possibilities in terms of design - colour and original shapes. Polyurethane accessories will not soil the floor of a gym or fitness club, and even after using them for a long time, they do not change their shape and appearance. Therefore, the warranty on these products is three times longer than on others.


Unique Design

Apus Sports does not use ready-made patterns, it creates its own unique and original designs. They are made of the highest quality materials, with maximum ergonomics. A team of top-class experts and designers from the Design Office Husarska Design work on them. More. Designing accessories is a process consisting of market research in the field of ergonomics and user preferences, as well as detailed technical analyses of materials used. The obtained models are tested and refined, so that the final product would be of the highest quality possible.

All Apus Sports accessories stand out thanks to their copyright design and high quality of materials used.