Quality of tomorrow


Exceptional equipment just for you

The unique design of equipment from Apus Sports and the highest quality materials define a new standard in the fitness industry. The excellence of the workmanship and precision in production ensures that these items will complement any fitness club and will benefit their members.



Polyurethane is among the modern materials used in our accessories as. It is very durable, odorless and has vast design, shape and color potentials. Our polyurethane accessories leave no marks on the floor even after long term use. They maintain their original form and color which outperforms other brands.


Unique Design

Apus Sports has created a variety of uniqe and original products in collaboration with a professional design studio and their creative team of top designers. Our Apus Sports products are made of the highest quality materials for maximum performance, durability and ergonomics. Designing accessories is a process consisting of market research in the field of ergonomics and user preferences, as well as a detailed technical analysis of the optimal materials needed. The models created are then tested and refined ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.

All Apus Sports accessories stand out thanks to their copyright design and high quality of materials used.