Barbells are a fundamental element in equipping each gym and fitness club; they come in all different sizes and types, specifically designed. In the Apus Sports selection we offer the following types: Olympic Straight Bar, Curl Bar, Olympic Super Curl Bar, Spring Bar and Aluminum Bar. The straight and curled bars are made of hardened and chromed steel which maintain their original shape. They have knurled and grooved surfaces ensuring every grip. We produce Oxidized Barbells with a durable black coating that is not knurled, yet is an anti-slip surface. Apus Sports products are made of the best components and quality materials.  Our offer also includes Aluminum Barbells; these are mostly designed for use by women: they are lighter in weight and shorter than a standard bar length, they come in an assortment of colors. The spring, curl and olympic super curl bars are also shorter and lighter than the other standard bars--designed for specific exercises. The spring bar is used in crossfit training.

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